New Generation Leader Coaching

The fast-paced landscape of the digital age is continually roiling the business world with new challenges. Are your leadership skills up to the test?


of organizations believe leaders are prepared for evolving challenges


of organizations lack confidence in their creation of effective digital leaders


of organizations report a leadership gap that is expected to widen

Technology is changing leadership communication, decision-making and strategy at an ever-growing speed, and leaders unprepared to evolve with the times will be left behind. Are you ready to lead the new generation of business?

Achieve next-level influence with our one on one leadership coaching, and grow into your full potential by becoming the kind of leader the digital world needs you to be.

Rise to the Challenges of a Changing World

When leaders understand their tendencies, they can recalibrate their approaches to develop new habits and rhythms. This recalibration is key to transcending barriers, improving leadership decision-making and creating influence.

Our coaching packages will help you find your leadership voice and strengthen your ability to impact teams.


Our Proven Operating System


Find your leadership style and strength



Find the tools you need to facilitate your personal growth



Focused, 1-to-1 attention to help you improve your natural leadership style


Together, We’ll Explore Your:


Life Story

To understand how your background influences your leadership style


Leadership Voice

To find your unique communication style and empower you to use it effectively



To guide your personal path to deliberate and impactful decision-making



To formulate your optimal approach to cultivating productive, effectual habits



To equip you for building powerful influence that inspires trust & confidence

We work with you in focused, 1-to-1 attention to identify the areas in which you most want to grow, then create a game plan and tackle the day-to-day challenges of leadership.

For additional growth, we also offer further individualized leadership training through our online leadership development platform.

Are you ready to maximize your performance? Get the resources to step into your true potential today!

Empower Me.

Becoming the Kind of Leader the Digital World Needs You To Be

It’s no surprise that the digital world is bringing about change and transformation. The new generation of leaders is not age-specific, it spans all ages; it’s a way of leading that encompasses all the variables across the multi-layered workplace we operate in today.



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When you identify the need to help your team reach its True Potential, we work together to identify exactly what your team needs.


What People Are Saying About New Generation Leader

Sandra Finley

“Your candor, kindness and distinctive leadership insight totally “crushed it”! ”

Sandra Finley / President / League of Black Women


“I really appreciate Aaron’s insights on the challenging situations I have faced and new territory I find myself in. I will admit to underestimating just how much I had to learn, and Aaron has been a fantastic resource helping me along the way so far.”

Confidential / Coaching Client

Jerry Howard

“I’ve never seen [our team] more engaged! We actually went over by 30 minutes (our fault, not his), yet no one was packing up…all of the people in the room are high performing sales leaders and managers, so busy is an understatement for them! ”

Jerry Howard / Owner / Specialty Companies


“The real metric of the success of a team workshop is what people say the next day. After our 5 Voices sessions, multiple folks thanked us for providing them the opportunity. They really were grateful for how you stepped us through the process.”

Confidential / Chief Financial Officer

Sheri Lambert

“Thank you so much for this great workshop with our team yesterday. Our team is stronger and more unified and equipped to work in partnership!”

Sheri Lambert / Make-A-Wish / Greater Virginia


“You truly transformed our team communication. Your guidance and insight have been extremely beneficial to our senior team. We are so grateful for your support!”

Confidential / Chief Development Officer

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