In A Moment of Crisis: How My Coach Saved Me

What should I do?

Late one night, I received word of a really challenging staffing situation. Based on my role, I knew I needed to do something.

But what?

My mind raced 100 miles an hour. All. Night. Long.

I woke up the next morning after a restless night, still uncertain of what to do.

What should I do next? I had 3, maybe 4, options but I wasn’t certain which route would be best.

I decided to call my coach.

Thank goodness he answered.

I laid out the scenario. Knowing our conversation would be kept in confidence was incredibly reassuring.

As I laid out all the options I had for next steps, he asked me one question. One question changed the course of the conversation.

It also changed the outcome of the crisis for me.

One, single question.

Even as a coach, having a coach is still critical. As a leader, it is so important to continue reaching my true potential.

Honestly, the question my coach asked is not the important thing.

What is most important is the coach’s role. We believe leaders need a team. Coaching is a great way to add someone new to your team.

And what I know from that crisis is having a coach is exactly what I needed.

As you live into your plans for reaching your true potential, we’re always in your corner. We’re only an e-mail away. Let us know if we can ever jump into the leadership ring with you.

Let’s go, you’ve got this!


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