Tune in for people strategy for your business in the digital age.

Aaron shares practical tools to help grow your business, stories from business leaders, and strategies to help you get results.

Podcasts Notes and Transcripts

Episode 15: Celebrating 2021 - It's almost time for the new year, but if you wait until all the headlines start talking about new year's… Continue Reading
Episode 14: The New Wave of the Pandemic - The next wave of the pandemic is set to rewrite the landscape of the workforce. The return to the office… Continue Reading
Episode 13: Leaders Define Culture with Tim Perseo - The culture you build will leave a trail of artifacts, either positive or negative, which have an impact on performance… Continue Reading
Episode 12: Your Leadership Is Not an Accident - Have you wondered why your rising leaders just don’t deliver the way you do? What if they aren’t the problem?… Continue Reading
Episode 11: Your Relational Competitive Advantage - Your Relational Competitive Advantage Have you ever considered that your best competitive advantage could be relational? In an age where… Continue Reading
Episode 9: The Leader in the Mirror - The Leader in the Mirror Do we want to copy-paste and become just like someone else? Or do we want… Continue Reading
Episode 10: Finding the Peace You Need to Lead - Finding the Peace You Need to Lead In a chaotic world, finding peace is a crucial tool in the leader’s… Continue Reading
Episode 8: Why You Need a Coach - Why You Need a Coach What makes a good leader? If it is a person or a goal we are… Continue Reading
Episode 7: Believe in Somebody - Who believed in you? Looking back in your career, in your life, in your education, who invested in you, poured… Continue Reading
Episode 6: Busy or Exhausted? - At the end of a long hard day, you have been running full tilt. Are you still energized, running on… Continue Reading
Episode 5: Intern Bootcamp - Developing leaders could make or break your business. Bringing on interns is a great way to build your talent pipeline,… Continue Reading
Episode 4: Tap into your Superpower - Every Voice has a Superpower: do you know yours? When we hit a crisis, we need our team functioning at… Continue Reading

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