How can I unlock influence + increase results?

Influence may be your most untapped potential.

Our digital world is pushing us to automated, mechanical processes. This pulls every ounce of humanity out of our everyday interactions.

When we approach relationships like a transaction, we put out the bare minimum effort. And instead of maximizing our influence, we end up falling very, very short of our True Potential.

Understanding how to build influence will change your leadership – leadership of yourself, leadership at work, your parenting, your marriage, your friendships.

Building influence requires four key ingredients:

  1. Character
  • Do I trust you?
  • Are you a person of integrity?
  1. Credible
  • Are you able to take your competence, understand the complexity of my reality, and design a bespoke solution that helps me achieve my goals?
  1. Competent
  • Are you competent?
  • Are you confident in the way you communicate your competence?
  • Do you have a proven track record of success?
  1. Chemistry
  • Do I like you?
  • Do I connect with you?
  • Do I enjoy spending time with you?

Here’s the challenge: we are only naturally wired for 2 of these.

Overcoming Our Tendencies

When I step into a conversation, I naturally try to prove I am Credible + Competent. You might work to build Chemistry and show your Character.

We naturally bring two of these, but the person we are building a relationship with also expects two specific areas.

If we shoot and miss what the other person needs, we miss the opportunity to build influence. And if we miss building influence, we get stuck in a transactional relationship.


No one wants to spend time around a transaction, but our digital world has helped us lose the art of building influence.

We must learn to unlock all 4 ingredients, to push us past stale, transactional relationships to build strong, vibrant relationships.

Consider this…

  • Which ingredient is a must-have for you in a new relationship?
  • Which ingredient is most challenging for you to bring to a relationship?

Building Next Level Influence

If you’re in sales, taking a transaction to an influential relationship will mean a repeat customer, not just a cold transaction. It moves from have-to to want-to.

If you lead a team, influence will help you take your team from have-to follow you as the leader to want-to follow you as a leader.

In your family or friends, unlocking all 4 keys will take your time together to a new level. Your kids, your friends, your spouse will get to a new level of want-to spend time together instead of have-to.

It can feel awkward to bring all 4. But when we do, we get to a new place.

Nothing to prove.

Nothing to lose.

Nothing to hide.

Ready to be a New Generation Leader?
Work on building influence in one key relationship today.
Unlock all 4 and experience these next-level connections today.

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