Do I need a counselor or a coach?

two leaders in a coaching session

Finding a Coach is easy these days. Coaching is in one of the fastest-growing industries. There are more than 71,000 professional coaches worldwide. Pure coaching focuses on working with you in a reflective, thoughtful process to unlock your true potential. Are you looking to grow? You can find a coach for any area of life, […]

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New Wave of the Pandemic is Big Threat for Employers

The next wave of the pandemic is set to rewrite the landscape of the workforce. The return to the office building and in-person meetings resume will disrupt companies and upend teams. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed wave after wave worldwide, wreaking havoc in every corner of culture and work. When employees return to the office, […]

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What good is a coach?

Everyone has a coach, why not me? Maybe your partner recommended finding a coach, or your boss told you to find one. Perhaps your boss scheduled your first meeting and informed you who your coach would be. Coaching does not have to carry a negative connotation. But too often, it’s used as a corrective measure. […]

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How can I unlock influence + increase results?

Influence may be your most untapped potential. Our digital world is pushing us to automated, mechanical processes. This pulls every ounce of humanity out of our everyday interactions. When we approach relationships like a transaction, we put out the bare minimum effort. And instead of maximizing our influence, we end up falling very, very short […]

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5 Voices Bootcamp

How do I get the most out of the people on my team? How do we win our market? Is turnover a problem for other organizations? How can we achieve goals on time and on budget? Most teams score less than 60% on a team performance assessment. Better Leaders. Healthier Culture. Improved Performance. It all […]

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